Silent Nationalist Majority

Clearing the slate: Denouncing the noisy faux-nationalist minority: in their defamatory attempts to deny the reascension of European racial nationalism to mainstream politics.
Silent Nationalist Majority
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A Voice for the Silent Nationalist Majority:
Denouncing the noisy Faux-Nationalist Minority

The noisy faux-nationalist minority do not speak for us: we must boycott them. Overcoming the noisy faux-nationalist minority who are attempting every single day to stop the healthy ideals of racial nationalism from proecting the future prospects of Americans of European racial descent and people of European descent worldwide.

Faux-Nationalists have for the last 70 years been the prime movers behind stopping people of European racial descent from advocating for and securing our racial interests and continued existence. The noisy faux-nationalist minority make pro-white racial advocacy and the ideals of our nationalism look pathetic and pollute them with their leftwing actors, their often times philo-semitic degenerated ideologies and the personal ego projects of edgelords, this is at the core of what gives those who want to undermine European racial interests and standards the ammunition they need to make us, the silent nationalist majority of European Americans and people of European descent worldwide not want to even associate with defending our borders against colored mass-immigration and demographic displacement.

This noisy minority of faux-nationalists as featured on this page and in full via the Boycott List have deprived Americans of European descent and Europeans worldwide from being able to credibly espouse the ideals and actions necessary to ensuring our continued existence and have 'blockaded' against those ideals and actions reaching government policy whilst their counterparts the 'non-infiltrating left' get away with openly working to undermine them. It is a 2 prong tactic that the noisy faux-nationalists are the 2nd integral part of.

The noisy faux-nationalist minority have deliberately deprived the central political discourse of White or European America of basic, once normal nationalist principles: they 'discredited' nationalist ideals by rendering their image 'extreme' despite their truth: simultaneously paving the way for their pro-colored replacement advocacy movements, ideas and hegemony. Whilst making it hard for the representatives within our besieged political system to credibly act in the interests of Americans of European descent.
Faux-Nationalists are undermining our European American self defense chances against colored population increases and all associated agendas through making our resistance look crude, contradictory and directly blockading against the emerging silent nationalist majority of  Americans of European racial descent and Europeans worldwide.

These faux-nationalists have even tried to deform the very meaning of 'white' (see: American Renaissance/Jared Taylor) and even the notion of being of pure European racial descent (see: John DeNugent/Jack Sen) is made out to be something you cannot speak positively about and promote the continuity of in politics credibly. The noisy faux-nationalist minority 'took over' the space where sincere, real nationalists in American society should have emerged, when American society was 90%+ white and unfamiliar with racial politics. The political 'space' created by our reaction to colored migration should have resulted in a nationalistic (pro-European racial integrity) rise and push-back in our politics that should have re-took the white house and both houses of congress but it did not. The hostile media owned by Jewish Supremacists, their finance in politics formed a core of the 'replacement' of the political class with a foreign, disloyal, corrupt political class that disregarded white interests.

The faux-nationalists frauds make a defense of our racial integrity look appaling, bad, crude and even immoral (combined with criticism and pro-colored positions of the largest body of churches), making it easier for other aspects of the political establishment to get away with orchestrating continued and further mass colored migration with opposition to migration dealing with image problems, unable to move forward to credible societal discourse let alone mainstream political achievements, they are disrupted by Jewish internet activists hourly.

They are confirmed as 'other aspects' of the political establishments as the noisy faux-nationalist minority are part of the political establishment in that they compliment eachother. In many instances Faux-nationalist groups are directly established or employed by Jewish 'activist' groups, or as is often the case, are Jews themselves. This is well proven in the instance of the Jewish leadership of the historical American Nazi Party (this is now an uncontested fact) and in contemporary political discourse groups such as the infamous UK based EDL, a soccer-thug styled group which is openly funded/promoted by a conglomerate of Jewish organisations, such as the MEF: Middle Eastern Forum and a Canadian Jewish media company: Rebel Media and numerous other similar groups.

There are many types of faux-nationalist, some of the above examples dont even claim to be 'white-nationalists' and yet stake a claim to be representing the silent nationalist majority of European Americans or European people worldwide, others more insidiously claim to be 'white nationalists', 'racialist' or 'Alt-Right' and yet are letting down or outright betraying those positions at the core of their personal efforts: some because they themselves or their leaders are just egotistical individuals who see the low media competition on the alt-right as an indicator they could succeed at promoting themselves and their egos there, others because they are deeply motivated anti-white activists and saboteurs.

The worst faux-nationalists (and most effective from their perspective) are those who mimic or immitate European or White racial nationalists with a convincing veneer but are actually at war with the principles they stake a claim to: they are the true faux-nationalists (E.g: Greg Johnson, Matthew Tait, Andrew Anglin, Richard Spencer). These faux-nationalists are what many would consider leftwing ideological 'activistists' or regular 'infiltrators' except they control their own 'groups', publishing platforms, websites or are promoted as the fall-guys of entire artificially setup networks run by other faux-nationalists so they cannot be expelled or removed, instead of infiltrating a group they do not control the leadership of where they would be at risk of expulsion or blacklisted from any association for their current track record. In the above examples any intelligent, reputable white racialist organisation would have long ago blacklisted these faux-nationalists and a wise white nationalist movement starting out would blacklist all those listed on the boycott list. The boycott list presents evidence and argument backing up what qualifies each figure and group as faux-nationalists and seeks to categorize them by their form of faux-nationalism into 7 sub-categories determined by their self-presentation and ideological form. Studying the patterns of what makes a Faux-Nationalist group or figure can teach you how to spot and identify faux-nationalists as they emerge in the future, helping you, the reader, potential supporter of various groups/websites/movements to direct your support and readership only to those that are not disctinctly categorizable as faux-nationalist and to boycott all those on the Boycott List.

This is why this website is so badly needed as they currently have no accountability, no way to hold them to account, to make them beholden to the overwhelmingly silent majority of their own nationalist readers who read or stopped reading their sites, these faux-nationalists will fume at this website's existence: a watchdog website daring and caring enough to hold their faux-nationalism to account, encouraging their readers to boycott them for their crimes of immitation and mis-representation against the naturally high-standards, healthy and once-normal European racial nationalism. In this regard, this website is a declaration of war against all faux-nationalists and a strategic asset to all true European racial nationalists.
New Faux-Nationalist websites, groups and personas are constantly appearing:
If you find a figure or group not currently on the boycott list email their details.
There is still a huge amount of writing that needs to be done vs. current entities.
STANDARDS OF EVIDENCE: Established facts & 'Allegations' should be separate.
Submit evidence via email
EMAIL: (see the picture below)
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