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Clearing the slate: Denouncing the noisy faux-nationalist minority: in their defamatory attempts to deny the reascension of European racial nationalism to mainstream politics.
Silent Nationalist Majority
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It is central to the success of real nationalist groups and figures and as an ideology, present and future, that you boycott all of the below and any proven future faux-nationalist groups and figures: do not view their sites to ogle at them (or this will cause their website rankings to go up and help them to appear more in search results, this website does not link to their sites directly whatsoever anywhere for this reason): all their relevant details and evidence will all be posted on their respective details pages. If you have in the past looked at or in the future encounter additional faux-nationalist groups or figures emerging (as they will appear): email their details succinctly detailing what makes them a faux-nationalist and cease visiting their websites.

If you have additional evidence this website has missed, such as information revealled by others about them that is visible on accessible pages that is proveable, that should be on here, that are not currently (as they appear very rapidly) use the contact email address at the bottom of the page: all faux-nationalists must have either: promoted philo-semitism, undermined the image of white (or any subsection of white) racial nationalism deliberately or have openly declared themselves as Jewish or have blatant, inexplicable and routine contradictions or claim to nationalist, conservative or truthful ideals whilst not representing such in accordance with convincing, high standards.

It is in the practical interests of any serious White Nationalist startups or individuals to Boycott, Blacklist and avoid associating with all of the groups and figures listed here:

(US) = National Codes: Refers to the country a group is targetting primarily with their Faux-Nationalist efforts.
✡ = Those that are openly Jewish, have admitted to being genetically Jewish: Jack Buckby, Milo Yiannopoulos, Mark Levin, Frank Gaffney etc.
☭ = Those that are openly Communist, Socialist, pro-colored races or have been proven as having espoused an explicitly anti-white position in their significant past.
✡½= Those that have said they are partly Jewish or have Jewish partners/children and have themselves admitted it/or their partners/relatives admitted it. E.g: Alex Jones.
✡? = Extremely likely to be Jewish due to their agenda, appearance, family, concealing the fact that they are Jewish.
½ = Mixed Race ancestry. Having admitted such or having had such proven about them: E.g Craig Cobb. Or visibly from their own appearance and admissions: E.g: Jack Sen, Andrew Anglin.

Stage 0 uncompleted information pages are in normal text format (awaiting text and details)
Stage 1 completed information pages will be in bold (text, some details filled out)
Stage 2 (COMPLETE) complete information pages will be in bold (text, all details filled out plus screenshots and videos embedded)
(NEW) Newly added information pages (normally starting at Stage 1/2 completion).


Andrew Anglin ½/☭/
Craig Cobb ½ /
Dominic Grieve ½/(COMPLETE)
Henrik Palmgren* *(Interviews/promotes faux-nationalists).
Kevin MacDonald *Not a faux Nationalist but associates with them.
Kyle Hunt (COMPLETE)
Laura Loomer (COMPLETE)
Sinead McCarthy (COMPLETE)
Scott Lively /☭/
Steven McNallen ☭ / CIA


Arktos (INT/SE)
Breitbart News (IL/US/UK)
Drudge Report (IL/US/INT)
Folkright (US/INT)
Infowars (US/INT)
Jobbik (HU)
Nordfront* (SWE/INT) *Not Faux Nationalist: but has 'edgelord' marches
Patheos (US)
Pravy Sektor (INT/UKR)
Red Ice Radio* (INT/SE)
Rebel Media (CA/INT)
Scandza Forum (DK/INT)
Sinn Fein (GB/IE)
Survive the Jive (UK/SE/INT)
Wikileaks (INT)
WARNING: 90% of the faux-nationalists listed on the Boycott list above will attempt to frustrate any political involvement you plan to engage in or are engaged in, they will seek to infiltrate your groups, attack your personal reputation, undermine your life and many of them have been proven to have directly targetted people's family, employers and personal financial connections, this is the real reason I believe many of them are banned from entire countries as a result of their unethical, ruthless, quasi-criminal conduct (entrapment, blackmail, intimidation) towards normal people who get in their way or are potential competitors to their organisations. The above Faux-Nationalists operate more like gang networks than political advocacy groups.

A vast number of them have formed extended interlinking chains of mutual-promotion (such as the seemingly contradictory Amren, NPI, Western Spring (National Action), Jack Buckby, Frank Gaffney, Counter Currents, and numerous other proxy groups and figures within one extended reputation-promoting alliance) to solidify their stranglehold by echo-chambering eachother's reputations solely as a method of building a wall against any authentic nationalist insiders or outsiders emerging. These networks of interlocking faux-nationalists ruthlessly attack any new groups or individuals as well as undermining mainstream political figures or groups that stray into what the faux-nationalists falsely believe is 'their' territory of ' racial nationalism' and a wide range of 'traditionalist politics' (that they are targetting in order to undermine). They do this often by forcefully associating themselves with the mainstream figure or group who makes positive racialist or coincidentally or intentionally anti-Jewish Supremacist or anti-colored migration comments or plans, wielding their negative reputations to wipe out the credibility of anyone who associates with the 'nationalist' range of politics accidentally or intentionally.

To counter this, for credible nationalists and defectors from the political establishment to stand a chance, the silent nationalist majority of readers and any member of our silent majority who makes the decision to become active in pro-white racial advocacy inadvertently or intentionally must: Boycott them, Blacklist them and avoid associating with them for your own efforts to stand a chance and especially in the interests of the future momentum of white nationalist norms and ideals in the long term.
New Faux-Nationalist websites, groups and personas are constantly appearing:
If you find a figure or group not currently on the boycott list email their details.
There is still a huge amount of writing that needs to be done vs. current entities.
STANDARDS OF EVIDENCE: Established facts & 'Allegations' should be separate.
Submit evidence via email
EMAIL: (see the picture below)
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